CSA Basics

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  This is an arrangement where members (that’s you) pay for a share of the seasons harvest at the start of the season.  In exchange, each member will receive supremely fresh produce on a weekly basis during the growing season.  This joint venture allows the farmer to receive capital in the spring when we need it most.  The partnership allows the farmer to be in the field during the most important times, insuring the best possible produce.  Together we share the risks and the bounty of the season.  Sign up online.

What You Can Look Forward To

Each member enjoys fresh vegetables, herbs, and small fruits from June until late October.  We will provide vegetable for our membership for 22 weeks during the regular season, and will offer our members season extension shares as well.  Our careful variety selection and superior growing practices bring out the very best in flavor and nutrition.  Produce is picked when it is ripe and within a few hours of pick up at the farm. Members can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we never use chemicals, synthetic pesticides or herbicides on any of our crops and follow strict organic growing methods. When members come to the farm to pick up their food, they are often times given choices unlike shares that are boxed and picked up at a drop off point.  It is also important to note that members are given 10% off at our market stand to purchase additional homegrown produce.  We offer newsletters during the harvest season, which are filled with crop updates,  recipes, and stories from the farm.  Members can also look forward to a few pick your own crops and opportunities to volunteer and learn about how their food is grown. We also offer farm tours, pot lucks, and other events every season. Our members have a  true understanding of our farm and how their food is grown.  Members often tell us that they not only get to enjoy great food but they feel truly connected to the farm and love to watch us grow and improve. View a list of what we grow and when it might be available.

Who Might Join Buckhill Farm CSA? 

Folks who join our CSA come from all walks of life.  We have members who are single, members who are empty nesters, as well as families that range from three to seven.  Our members are people who enjoy a diverse scope of produce and enjoy cooking on a regular basis.  We grow food for people who give consideration to how their food is grown and the benefits that come from supporting local and sustainable farms.  

How Much Food Will I Get With A Standard Vegetable Share? 

The average weight of a share in the spring is about 4-6 lbs. and at the height of the season a share weighs around 8-12 lbs. On average a member will receive 10-12 items per week. Our experience tells use that a share will feed a family of 3-4 or two vegetarians. A half share that picks up bi-weekly is also a great option. Members learn to eat with the seasons and understand that while we wish we could offer melons in June, Mother Nature simply will not allow.   View a list of sample share form this past season.

When members come pick up at the farm, they are also given a chance to purchase products at our market stand and are given a 10% discount. Items  we offer are honey that comes from bees that help pollinate our crops, as well as pastured eggs and meats.  Our members use the market to help supplement if they need additional food.

What is a Rock Lititz Share?

The Rock Lititz Community is excited to partner with Buckhill Farm in offering a new CSA membership opportunity. Beginning in the Summer of 2015, the innovative production campus will offer it’s employees the option to participate in a one-of-a-kind local farm share. Unlike the standard share that picks up at Buckhill Farm, the Rock Lititz Share is customizable. Members are given credit to shop at an online market from which they select their desired items. Options will include in season vegetables, local fruits, raw honey, pastured eggs, and artisan breads. In its inaugural year, the Rock Lititz share will offer convenient pickups at Atomic, Tait Towers and Clair Global, allowing all those within the production community the benefits of a CSA. While only available to participating companies in 2015, the intention is to open this customized version to the general community next year.  Read more about this share option and how it works here.


Do You Offer Fruit?

Yes! Our share includes a few different varieties of melons. You can also purchase an add on Fruit Share when you sign up for the vegetable share.  The fruit share will run for 20 weeks and will consist of about a quart of fruit per week.  All fruit will be local, Organic or IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Included in the fruit share will be, pre picked strawberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, pears, and apples.  Fruit can also be purchased at our market stand, but a fruit share is certainly more cost effective.                                                                                                             

When and Where Do I Pick Up My Share?

Members who choose our Farm Vegetable Share have several choices:      

    ~ At Buckhill Farm from 2:00 - 6:30 pm on Wednesday or Friday

    ~ At Buckhill Farm from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm on Saturday

Members who sign up for our Rock Lititz Community Share:

    ~ At the Rock Lititz Campus from 4:00 - 6:00 pm

We ask that members select one pick up options and stick with their selection for the remainder of the season.  If a member is unable to pick up their share they are more than welcome to have friends or other family members pick up their share. Please read our Member Handbook for more details on switching pick ups. Food will never go to waste, as we frequently donate food that has not been picked up to local charities. 

What is PYO?

PYO stands for pick your own.  We offer a few crops as PYO in order to get our members into the fields to see what is growing and to encourage a better connection to the farm.  Such crops are not cost effective for us to pick, plus it gives the younger members of our farm the chance to see where their food comes from. Through out the season the following crops will be offered as PYO at no additional fee to our members: peas, cherry tomatoes, herbs, green beans. Our PYO flowers are a share option that can be purchased when you sign up.

2017 CSA Shares

Buckhill Farm will not be offer shares for the 2017 season.

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