Sample Shares

Listed below are share samples from recent growing seasons.  Please also see the Farmer Product Availability Graph to get a better idea of what produce we grow and when it might be in your share.


June Week #2

Broccoli (2), Bok Choi (1), Garlic Scapes (3) Greens (1/2 lb.), Spinach (1/2 lb.), Lettuce Heads (2), Radishes PYO Strawberries


August Week #2

Green Beans (1/2 lb.), Choice of:Beets or Swiss Chard, Eggplant (1), Basil, Choice of:Leeks or Onions, Head Lettuce (1), Melon(1), Peppers (2), Potatoes (2lb.), Summer Squash (3), Tomatoes (2lbs.)


October Week #2

Broccoli (2), Choice of: Carrots or Parsnips, Green (1/2 lb.), Herbs, Choice of: Leeks or Onions, Potatoes (2lbs.),  Winter Squash (1), Tomatoes (3lbs.)

2017 CSA Shares

Buckhill Farm will not be offer shares for the 2017 season.

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